Our mission

TERGAO equals hardwood


Our mission is develop, produce and distribute the best available hardwood alternative in the market place. Our aim is to have a positive effect on the whole Chain of custody, from bamboo forest to end user.

As long as there will be a demand for illegally logged hardwoods, there will be a supply. We provide the right materials on the demand side and whole heartily support the use of sustainable legal hardwoods and modified softwoods. The right mix will help the rain forests / the lungs of the world to recover.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. - BRUCE LEE

TERGAO organizes EUTR seminars at Carrefour du Bois Nantes

At the last Carrefour du Bois, TERGAO organized a set of lectures about the EU Timber Regulation and its impact on the EU wood industry. The event was sponsored by the EFI and ETTF.

The presentations on the EUTR and its potential effects on business and trade, were given by ATIBT,  ETTF, Le Commerce du Bois and the French Ministry of Agriculture.

TERGAO plays a very active role in advocating the EUTR and other market initiatives and regulations that protect our rain forests

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Appetite for Destruction

A report examining the extent and impacts of China‚Äôs voracious consumption of timber, featuring several case studies from countries whose forests are being severely depleted, and calling on the Chinese Government to act swiftly and decisively in strengthening its enforcement and ensuring illegal timber is barred from its markets.


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